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    Unanswered: 2nd macro action starts before 1st macro is done


    These are the sequential steps of my Access macro actions:
    1. My Access 1st macro is RunApplication to open up an Excelfile called "template.xls" to perform complicated task.
    2. template.xls auto-start and completed the data population and export to Access table named "WeeklyServiceLevelData"
    3. Access 2nd macro then run some other tasks base on the table "WeeklyServiceLevelData"'.

    My problem is that the Access 2nd macro kicks in even before the template.xls has finished its job exporting the updated data to Acc table (ie. the 2nd macro is processing the wrong data base on the previous week's table "WeeklyServiceLevelData" that still resides).
    How do I solve this ?

    Any of your help here is much appreciated.
    Big THANKS to you in advance.

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    Try adding the call to the second macro at the end of the first macro. That way you will ensure that macro finishes all of its sequential steps before moving on to the next macro.

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