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    Unanswered: prompt for start time

    I am having issues using a field that i create in a query when it involves an aggregate function. For example, I have a query with starttime as a field field1:[starttime]. In the next field I try and use field2:[field1]. I get a promt for [field1]. When i click OK the query works but I would like to avoid this error. If I do not group the query I do not get this error. Also, i checked my settings and the query does read left to right so the field1 should be in existance before field2 is run.
    Any ideas?

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    You're getting that error because of the fact that you're grouping on a field that uses an alias. Instead of using "field2:[field1]" use "field2:[starttime]" - replace your alias with the original field names from the table, or the formula you used to calculate that alias. If you group on that it will work.

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