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    Unanswered: Date extent was allocated

    Is there some hidden table in Oracle that shows the DATE an extent
    was allocated?

    I want to write a table-growth script based on when extents were allocated.
    However, I can't find a DBA view or table that shows this information.
    I think it would be handy to know that on 12/23/2003 an extent of 10M was
    allocated to TABLE_Y.

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    nothing that I know of - the underlying table is EXT$, which has no date columns, and EXT# (part of its pk) doesn't exist in any other sys table.
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    As shoblock says there is now table or view which has the date an extent was allocated. What I've done in the past is to have a regular oracle job to summarise dba_extents into my own table which thus has a history of extent allocation for all tables and indexes.


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