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    Unanswered: Select from one database to another

    I need to make a select in a database from anothers... in Oracle, i do:
    select * from tab1@dblink_name...

    how i do this in informix???


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    select * from database name@server name:table name

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    I do what you say, but i get the error "-568: Cannot reference an external database without logging.
    Help text:
    This statement refers to a database other than the current database. However, the current database uses transaction logging, and the external one does not. This action is not supported; the databases that are used in a single transaction must all use logging or all not use it."

    I'm a Oracle developer, and I need to create a trigger in a database that insert data in another database. My aknowledge about informix is poor....

    Can someone help me?

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