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    Angry Unanswered: RE: subform's recordset is not updatable. PLEASE HELP

    My subform's recordset is not updatable.
    > The property setting are
    > recordsource: view
    > fileter: field <> 0
    > order by: cust_name

    The subform is not link to the main form.
    The main form contains buttons to change the subform setting to allow user
    to enter shipping quantities, dates, etc, and there new work order fields
    where user enters the work order and enters into tblshipping schedule. .

    When the subform opens it display the filter records of the tblshipping
    schedule. That's fine.
    The subform's recordsource in set in Access form property point to a view.
    The view is a filtered tblshipping schedule.
    But tried to edit the subform by changing the quanity field. The recordset
    is not updatable message display in Access.

    I'm using Acc2K and SQL Server as BE.

    I really appreciate any help or suggestions

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    Try this:

    Make sure the Source Object, Link Child Fields and the Link Master Fields propeties are properly set and not corrupt for the SubForm Control on your Main Form.
    For the actual SubForm itself, place the subform into design view. In the Data properties, make sure that the Allow Filters, Allow Edits, Allow Deletions, and Allow Additions properties are set to YES. Make sure the Record Locks property is set to NO.

    good luck..

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