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    Unanswered: Select 5 Random Records

    Anyone know how I can select only 5 random records from an Informix table?

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    Unless you give the order by, there is no guarantee on how you will get the records from the table.

    5 records you can get by executing the following

    select first 5 * from table_name


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    The process that I have used in the past is based upon selecting random ROWID's with the range min(ROWID) and max(ROWID).

    I used a random number routine to generate a random number between the min and the max and then SELECT the row based upon ROWID. HOWEVER, just because you generate a number does not mean that that ROWID exists. So the SELECT statement was something like "SELECT FIRST 1 ... WHERE ROWID >= myrandonmumber"
    Fred Prose

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