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    Unanswered: RMAN Backup (Urgent)

    Our system running on AIX 5L V.5.2 , Oracle 9i V. 9.2
    I encountered the problem during do Full database backup using RMAN as below :

    channel ORA_DISK_1: starting piece 1 at 25-OCT-04
    RMAN-00571: ================================================== =========
    RMAN-00569: =============== ERROR MESSAGE STACK FOLLOWS ===============
    RMAN-00571: ================================================== =========
    RMAN-03009: failure of backup command on ORA_DISK_1 channel at 10/25/2004 12:12:53
    ORA-19502: write error on file "/backupprod/rman/Full01_03g3dpih", blockno 262145 (blocksize=8192)
    ORA-27063: skgfospo: number of bytes read/written is incorrect
    IBM AIX RISC System/6000 Error: 22: Invalid argument
    Additional information: -1
    Additional information: 1048576

    Thank you for advance

    Regard - chalie

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    Is your harddisk out of space?
    Have you problems with this disk on the OS layer?
    Has the destination the correct permission so that oracle can write to it? Was the permission modified during backup?
    Had someone shutdown the instance during backup?

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