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    Unanswered: rollback & identity columns

    Let's say two users (Us1 & Us2) insert a row into a table containing an identity column (value 1 assigned to Us1, value 2 assigned to Us2).

    If the operation of Us1 fails and is rolled back, and operation of Us2 is committed, value of 1 in identity column is lost.

    Is there any way of ensuring that there are no "holes" in an identity column?

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    do you need continous identities with your definied increment?
    then you have to write your own package to handle that stuff,
    but keep in mind:
    if ever any business need deletes rows and you reuse them again
    e.g. customerID & then reusing the number for another customer
    how will be able to continue SOX compliancy??? if both had/have bookings ....

    every customer I know lives with "holes" in idenity columns

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