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    Exclamation Unanswered: Launching Excel from Paradox 7

    Is it possible to open EXCEL from within a Paradox 7 app.

    I have a system that requires that I create a .csv file from a Paradox table and I have that working correctly, except that when the file is created, double quotes are placed around all the header fields and all string fields.

    When my user attempts to load this file into a different program, it complains on the quotes that are in the file.

    I am using the following code in order to create the .csv file and I haven't found anything that allows me to not add the quotes around the fields.

    tbs = "J:\\enterpriseone\\teste1\\finance\\to_e1\\gibson _" + vHrsVol + ".csv"
    dt.setSource (getAliasPath(":WORK:")+"\\"+"upload_e1.DB" )
    dt.SetDest (tbs, dtAsciiVar)
    dt.setDestSeparator ( "," )
    dt.transferData ( )

    Any help would be greatly appreciated since this needs to be completed as soon as possible.


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    As i already told you in the other thread, simply do it yourself: instead of using the datatransfer object, use the textstream object and directly writing chars to it, so that you can totally control which fields get surrounded by what chars, and any other kind of decision on the destination text file.
    The only failure is not trying to do it.

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