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    Question Unanswered: Suggestion for a faster search on keyword?

    Hi everyone...

    I am a programmer for

    We have a problem with slow searches..
    We have made a specialized table for searching.
    Indexing all the right fields are setup already.

    I am thinking I may need to implement tsearch2 or full text indexing
    technology. But that is a real push-up.

    Any other option? Any suggestion?


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    Im kinda wondering what your db server(s) specs are. Using linux, windows? Replication perhaps?

    Might be that your server(s) cant handle the load and/or you might try some other tweaking.

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    Smile Schema

    We are running a giant databse build under a two 64bits Itanuim II - that have sloved such problmes as ou data us fully text ! You could have that push through :

    - Indexing the items without the need for further tables.
    - Using FTS (full text search) it really improves perfomances.
    - take a look at your schema.
    - Using more and more Functions, triggers and rules.

    Good luck
    Open up
    Take a look to my Blog

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