Hey everyone,

I have been thinking lately about other business ventures that I would like to pursue and would like to free up some capital in order to do so. I have a forum that I could sell in order to do this. I will say that I am not really in a hurry, but will sell quickly to the right offer.

Here is some basic information about the site:

URL: http://www.aimforum.com
Quick Stats: Threads: 6,836, Posts: 83,213, Members: 2,950
Page Rank: 6 of 10

The site has been active for 15 months, and has grown quite well. It is a revenue generating website.

What's included in the sale?
AIMForum.com - Domain + Site/Contents
Owned vBulletin License - Support Expires August 2005
http://topsites.aimforum.com - Site/contents

The rest of the AIM XL Network (listed at the top of the homepage) is NOT included.

For those that might ask, I will NOT sell the license seperately. This is a package deal, everything or nothing.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me and we can discuss the nitty gritty.

For those curious about the price I am looking for, I am looking for $x,xxx offers.


Email: i n f o [ a t ] d i g i t a l l y j u s t i f i e d . c o m