Hello everyone again, now I want to take my SP a step further. As in using a CASE towards my 'taxable' field. It's value is 1 if no tax, and null if taxed. I have two seperate formulas I want to run depending on the 'taxable' value.

Below is what i'm starting to chew on...

CASE when tbl_products.ptaxable = '1' then ((1+(.02))*((tbl_products.pprice)*(tbl_material_used.mqty))) else 0 end
How would I integrate my other formula for when the 'taxable' value is null? After the "else 0" in my CASE?

CASE when 'taxable' = 1 THEN run_formula1 ELSE run_formula2 ???
These CASE statments will go in my WHERE clause correct?