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    Unanswered: "Converting numbers into Dates"

    I'm working in Access 2000. I was given some tables with number (long integer) data types for dates, such as 20041011 for Oct. 11, 2004. How can I convert these rows of numbers into dates? in order to re-format the table to accept them as dates?

    I prefer to do this within the sql statement (update query, etc). What is the sql syntax to do this? (assume the column name is Notdate). Thanks!!!

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    For Access you can do it like this

    UPDATE Tablename 
    SET [NotDate] = DateSerial(Int(Left([notDate],4)),Int(Left(Right([NotDate],4),2)),INT(Right([NotDate],2)));

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    It seems a better idea to me to create a second column D with datatype Date to store the result in:

    UPDATE tablename SET D = DateSerial(...
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