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    Angry Unanswered: Oracle 92 installation difficulty

    Hi dbForums friends:

    I am completely new to Oracle (use MS-SQL). Because one of my clients wants me to write a light-ware that connects to their Oracle 9i backend, I downloaded Oracle 9i from Oracle's site and attempted to install it onto my system. Here's the description of my setup:

    Oracle host: A Windows xp Pro sp2 system with 60G free hard drive space and 1G RAM, Computer name is DELL8200, connected via TCP/IP (DHCP Client) to a Windows 2000 Small Business Server. The domain is

    User: Me. I have administrator right on both machines.

    Oracle Installation options selected and fields provided: (1) Install a sample database with management tools and basic client software etc. (2) Name: OraHome92; path: c:\oracle\ora92; (3) MTS Recovery Service: Port 2030; (4) Global database name: (5) sid jtkorcl (6) Directory of data file: c:\oracle\oradata (7) Char set: default (8) edition: Standard

    First Problem encountered: Installation stalled at 42% (progress bar did not advance for over 2 hours; no dark disk activity), clicking on 'cancel - entire installtion' yielded no response. Task manager shows the installation as 'running.'

    What I did: End the installation task using task manager. Stop the 2 Oracle services that were installed and started. Went through the registry and removed all references to Oracle 9i. Restart machine, delete the 'c:\Oracle' directory and the 'c:\Program Files\Oracle' directory. Reboot. Reinstall.

    Second Problem encountered: Installation stalled at 12%. Same symptoms as described above.

    What I did: Same as above. WENT BACK TO ORACLE WEBSITE, RE-DOWNLOAD ZIP FILES, UNZIP INTO DISK1, DISK2, AND DISK3 again. Then, install for a third time.

    Third Problem: Installation stalled at 27%.

    What I did: Write this e-mail!!!!!

    Has anyone experienced similar problem? Is there anything I should do differently before I proceed with another attempt to install? It has taken me a whole day to do the above steps, so I'm a bit gun shy at this point.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Just buy a low cost product oracle database standard edition ONE with five user license of just Rs. 33700/= And then try that s/w.

    The steps which u followed is seems to b e OK, but ensure that IP assigned to DATABSE HOST must not be changed because it qualified the Host name & IP Name. So, in that scenarion, DHCP client (DB Host) will not work.

    - KR

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    Don't go buying it - it's still the same software!

    Oracle was certified on XP prior to SP2, if you check around the groups there is for example a Win2K hotfix which causes an existing Oracle to fail. I don't know if SP2 is a problem, but I had similar troubles on an XP Pro SP2 machine.

    If you have a spare machine available, I would suggest you try installing on a clean machine, freshly installed WinXP Pro or Win2K Pro, prior to the various updates.

    Please don't email me directly with questions. I've probably just got home from the pub and cannot guarantee the sanity of my answers. In fact, I can't believe I actually made it home.

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