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    Unanswered: 50000 and 6789

    it seems like that the db2 port 6789 used to serve with jdbc, and 50000 serve with other connection. why ibm set up two port?
    and how to change the port number, such as how to change 6789 to 1234?

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    Using new port numbers

    Its not like you arenot using port 50000 for JDBC connection. I have seen projects where people are using 50000 for JDBC. It all depends how you set up your services.
    You need to write the following commands:

    $ db2 "update database manager configuration using svcename 6498"

    where 6489 is the new port name.

    Moreover you can do the same appending the new svcename (port) in the "/etc/services" file.

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    There are two ports because one was for the Java "net" driver. Instead of using the installed client, you could connect directly from a JDBC client to the DB2 server, but in the old days it was a different type of connection (Java->Java). Thus two servers.

    These days there's a new and improved JDBC driver that talks directly to the standard server port.

    Jonathan Petruk
    DB2 Database Consultant

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