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    Unanswered: insert pdf in sql server

    Hello, I need to insert a pdf document in a bbdd sql server.
    What kind of data I use? Image?
    How? Have I used a T-sql procedure for insert and read?
    I am new with sql server
    Thanks a lot.

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    hai pilarll

    My understanding of your question is that you want to store PDF files in your SQL Server. The recommented way is to just store the file path in the table. Bcoz, if u r going to store the whole file inside the SQL Server then it will put lot of extra overhead on the server.

    BTW, last week there was a similar post in this forum with title 'Urgent: file management with SQL Server '. Check it out at

    If ur requirment demands, u to store the file in SQL Server itself then u can use image data type to store the contents of ur file in the data base.

    with regards

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    As sudar has suggested..
    it is recomended to save the file on the disk and store a pointer to the file in the database, but if u decide other wise then this link may be helpfull:

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