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    Unanswered: Combo Box problem

    I'm new to databases but try things many ways before asking for help...I must now ask

    I have a form with subform linked. I am using the subform with several cbo to enter data into a table. The table, call it tblrfq, stores info such as displayname, underwriterid, lob. I have code written for the cbodisplayname, after update, to limit the selections available in cbounderwrtierid to underwriters that are associated with the displayname selected. I have a table called tblunderwriter which has fields for underwriterid, name, displayname. The problem is I am storing the underwrtierid in tblrfq, but want the form to show name(underwriter). I have created a query for the rowsource that contains underwriterid, name, displayname(used for the criteria). I have the cbo bound to underwriterid and have to box show 3 rows with column widths set to 0";2.5";0". The problem is that the name does not show in the cbo until I click in it. The underwriterid is being saved to the tblrfq and if I change column widths to show underwrtierid it works fine, but I want the end user to see a name not an id.

    I know this may be confusing, but I don't know how else to explain. Any help? I have been trying everything I know for 2 days along with searching other threads and websites and cannot find anything. Thanks ED

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    It seems that I remember having problem like this at one point. Can't seem to replicate it at the moment. First, make sure the bound column is the one with the ID. If that's not the problem then because it's working if the Id column is not zero, then I would set the colum width extremely small. like .0001 or something. That way it's not visible.

    Jeremy Brooks

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