I am having trouble getting my dbcombobox, also the dblookupcombobox, to look at my table that I created in database desktop.
I have made a simple table to test from until I get the hang of it.
I have a datasource, tquery, database, and a dbcombobox on my form, I have set up the alias and databasename, connected true
I have the dbcombobox datasource set to datasource1
Ihave a tquery.databasename set to database1 and the sql query saying
SELECT Yearnum //Column name
FROM vehicleselect // my table name they have correct upper and lower case

and I have my datasource1.dataset set to query1
and when I run, I have a combobox, that doesn't bring up any information.
I have put in some data in the table to test with.

What have I missed to make it not work?

Thank you