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    Unanswered: look for string in field and don't print record

    I'm pulling addresses from another database, but when mail is returned- 'mail return' is entered either after the address or the before it. That is the form where the info is entered will look like:

    [name]=John Doe
    [Address1]= 11 main street mail return OR mail return 11 main street

    if it were only in front i could filter out with Not like mail* in the criteria field of the query....but this is not the case. I'm thinking i have to do some kind of search in the field for a string like 'mail*'....

    The purpose is so that when envelopes/labels are printed we don't end up wasting so many or having to print 1 record at a time. So i want to filter out any addresses that have 'mail return' in the address field so they are not printed....

    any suggesstions on how i can do this?

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    If it is always 'mail return' at the beginning or at the end, then you can put this in your criteria for the field in your query:

    Not like "mail return*" AND Not like "*mail return"


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