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    Unanswered: OT: Oracle Client 7.3

    Hi everybody!

    I have this very important overseas customer, but for some reason, a little behind in installed technology. The Company is currently using the Oracle 7.3 client. I'd like to test a new application in the same environment before going to their offices, but I cannot find any place to get the 7.3 client from. We currently use 9.2 and have a collection of clients back to 8.1.7, but right now we need the 7.3

    ¿Does anyone have a link or something where I can get this client version?

    Thanks in advance,


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    >Does anyone have a link or something where I can get this client version?
    1) V7 & V9.2 do NOT talk to each other.
    2) You can & should use the V8.1.7 client s/w to interoperate with both DBs.
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    Thanks a lot! So, I'll have to set up a 8.x server to try the 7.3 client, right?

    Best regards,


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    to install the 8i client should be sufficient.
    but you might fail with your tests if your app is using constructs which came available first with 8, 8i, 9i

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