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    Unanswered: Good sites for tutorials/tips for starter?

    I primarly use Access (with some VB when necessary) and I have taken a VB6 course, but I still have trouble figuring out how this stuff works (both in Access and Excel) because it's slightly different than coding in normal VB6. Our company just got this new Excel sheet with all sorts of antequated macros/code, and I need to be able to manipulate this information in the future (and possibly convert this all into Access in the future). So basically, I need to learn how to code with VB in Excel (and how to make buttons and stuff). is there a good learning site for this? All I was able to find were tutorial sites that wanted me to buy their learning package.

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    Here's a couple that i use, they teach you how to do specific tasks, then you just apply the knowledge you pick up to other situations,

    Excel Tip

    or if you have any general or specific queries ask here and someone will answer your questions for you,
    If you know VB6 it should be fairly straightforward for you, try thinking of problems and just try and solve them, start small and work up,

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    The Spreadsheet Page

    This is one of the best sites for information and Examples. John Walkenbach is the creator and also publisher of some very good books on Excel and Excel VB. Power Programming Techniques, for general and more advanced information.

    If you are just beginning Excel Visual Basic Step by Step from Microsoft Press is good for starters.



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    In addition to the above excellent resources, check out this:

    VBA Tutorial
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