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Thread: Query Problem??

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    Unanswered: Query Problem??

    Hi there, and thx for reading 1st my post
    and plz forgive any write errors there might be
    oki my problem is ...
    my trying to make an update query, cuz i need to make these calculations:

    Sværheds_grad * standart_tid = Objekt_tid
    Objekt_tid * Antal = Total_tid (Sry its in danish)

    And Objekt_tid and Total_tid needs to be added to Table1, to be used later in a report.
    it works fine in a select query (the calculations) but when i make the a update query i run in to this msg :
    Name "Sværheds_gradd]*[standart_tid] is not a valid name. Make sure that it does not include invalid characters or punctuation and that it is not too long.
    it adds an extra d (_gradd)
    i used the expression builder to mark the table and field in the Update to cell, could that be it?
    plz help me

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    Sværheds_grad * standart_tid = Objekt_tid
    Objekt_tid * Antal = Total_tid

    changing to :

    Objekt_tid = Sværheds_grad * standart_tid
    Total_tid = Objekt_tid * Antal

    might make the solution

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