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    Unhappy Unanswered: recursion

    is it ok to use recursive function from with in a loop?

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    What would constitute "Ok" in this case?

    Will the compiler allow you to call a recursive function from within a loop? Certainly. The compiler doesn't have any clue that a function is recursive, and really doesn't care either.

    Will the person doing the code review permit a call to a recursive function? They ought to, but that doesn't mean that they will.


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    Many algorithms are "naturally recursive" and are implemented by recursive calls that occur within a loop.

    There is no, "absolute, right-or-wrong, 'OK or not OK'" to be found anywhere in computer programming ... unless you are a pundit selling books and seminars!

    What matters most is that your code is clear. That it is easy to understand what your code is doing and why. That it is easy to verify that your recursive code won't "recurse forever." That your algorithm is efficient and appropriate.

    And... well-documented! "Use comments, dammit!"
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