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    Unanswered: Returning latest dates


    I have a database table which has four different date values. I want to come up with a formula that returns the latest one.

    Does anybody know a function or formula that would do the job?? This may b a simple task for some of you but I'm not a coder so I'm abit confused!!!

    Thks for your help

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    Max it...


    The Max() function will do this for you as long as the field is truly of a Date data-type. What you do is put your date field betwenn the brackets so it looks something like this:

    max({your date field here})

    Max returns the highest value of a range and works the same for numbers and dates alike.

    Not sure how much you know but to return the date you'll need to create a new formula field (Insert, Field Object, click on formula, Click on the New Button and then enter your formula as described above). Now drag that formula onto your report.

    Regards - Andy

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