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    Unanswered: Enterprise manager and packages

    Good day

    I'm experiencing the following problem with Microsoft's Enterprise Manager:
    When trying to open a package to edit it I get an error stating that the Server does not exists. However people connecting from another computer can use Enterprise Manager to open packages.

    When I try to create a connection within a new package and I specify the server's name I get the same error however using or localhost I do not get this error.

    Please help


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    Because and (localhost) work fine, it would appear that your problem lies with WINS and/or DNS. My first guess would be a problem in your lmhosts file (on your machine), probably an incorrect entry for the machine itself.

    Try to ping your own machine (substituting you machine name instead of myhost) using:
    ping myhost -a

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    Is your network library correctly in SQL client utilities ? You must have TCP/IP and/or Named pipes.

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