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    Angry Unanswered: Combining data from two database instances

    I am the membership secretary for an association. I run an Access database for the membership details (name, address etc). I have a column for whether the individual has paid their subsription or not (Y/N). However I do not administer subscriptions. That is the responsibility of the Treasurer.

    I want to give the Treasurer a copy of my database and allow him to update the column for individual members as and when they pay their subscriptions. I will not allow addition of new members or any other changes to be done.

    I want to periodically take the Treasurer's copy of the database and update my 'master' database with the payment status. That is, update the column with any new Y's or N's. I will then reissue the database to the Treasurer to replace his old version.

    What's the most efficient way of doing this?


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    Off the top of my head I would just say import the other guys data into a temporary table in your database. Then design an update query to update Yes/No field where appropriate.

    Everytime you want his data you import to the same named temp table and run your query.

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