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    Unanswered: Visual Studio - super quick question

    Hi Everyone,

    I want to write an I/O-Interface with Visual Basic for a Fortran program, which package should I download? I am a student and can choose between the following:

    1) Visual Studio. Net 2003
    2) Visual Studio 6.0 Professionel

    Both are free for me.

    I have Windows 98.
    What's the difference? I'm a total beginner....

    Please help...

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    I too am a beginner so don't completly take my word for it but I have worked w/both and I like .net better. unfortunatly what I have is vb6 "working model" which isn't complete and doesn't have the ability to actually make my progams into .exe format.

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    I think youll have to use VB6 if your Running Windows 98,
    for .net you need to be running 2000 or XP

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