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    Unanswered: Using DTS To Import From Excel

    I've been asked to create an automated DTS import which is to take place each and every evening. The import routine is to import data into an SQL table from an Excel spreadsheet.
    The spreadsheet is not massively complicated though is does contain formulas and calculations.
    When using the DTS Wizard:
    "Choose Data Sourse"
    Data Source = Microsoft Excel 97-2000
    I then browse to the file name.

    "Choose Destination"
    I select the Server name and Database to import into.

    "Specify Table Copy or Query"
    I select 'Use a query to specify the data transfer' then click Next.

    I then click on the query builder and here's where I get stuck. The Source tables panel contains many rows and when expanded they all contain the same thing (field headings in the Excel spreadsheet).

    I'm totally stuck here - can anyone help?

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    Why do you want to use a Query to copy - why not use the straight table copy
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