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    Unanswered: Weird error on report but only when I print

    I have a report which has a sub report linked on a batch number. This report runs fine for viewing and shows the correct data but as soon as I try and print the report I get a strange error (see image). If I click ok it still sends it to the printer but the sub report is not visable. The querires & sub report which this report is based on all seem to function correctley though. The error does not ocur if I delect the child & Parent link properties from the sub reports properties. Any body help please.
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    I'm still stuck on this one andy body give any sugestions.

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    some things that might be worth trying: no guarantees tho

    right-click all the joins in your query and specify allfrom-X matchingfrom-Y in each case.

    use complete parenthesis on your WHERE (((bbb) AND (ccc)) OR (ccc))

    kill any ORDER BY in your query (A's reports ignore it anyway)

    use full syntax: SELECT [tableName].[fieldName], etc

    currently using SS 2008R2

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