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    Unanswered: Replication help

    I have set 2 way homogeneous ASE to ASE replication .

    I have inserted about 20000 records in a table in the database db1 ,

    I have received a transaction log full error , I cannot truncate the log because the database has data and log mixed on the device . The partitions have also filled up and the queue is also almost full .

    I altered the database on a different device and the transaction has resumed on the primary but due to the queues n partitions being full the replication is not happening. I have added another partition as well but of no use . Is there a way to have the data replicated without loosing the inserted data on the primary , if not how can I flush the inbound queue's in the primary , so that I can resume another replication.

    Thanks for any help in advance.

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    To unblock your primary, you need to stop the replication :

    exec sp_stop_rep_agent yourDB
    if it's not enough

    dbcc settrunc ('ltm', 'ignore')
    PS : to avoid this type of problem, please use separate log devices !
    F. Celaia
    DBA Oracle/MS-SQL/MySQLSybase/DB2/

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