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    Unanswered: Problem Linking to Network files/tables

    At my current office, I'm having trouble linking from a mdb file on our network to other tables in mdb files on the same network. I've designed the db and it worked fine but then when coworkers used it from their PCs (similar rights as mine) they got an error regarding linked tables' file paths. I think the problem is link shows G:\... and I want to us the full path \\xys\ss\sss. I found "G" path in MSysObjects table Database field but I can't edit it to include correct (physical or logical, I can never remember) path.

    If I go onto someoneelse's PC and relink these tables, they work fine for that user, but then not my PC. I think it's the way this company's horrible network is engineered (my drive letters change constantly for the SAME file path!)

    The linked table manager does let me update it either. Any advice regarding how to relink or revise these tables. Please help!

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    Tools->Database Utilities->Linked Table Manager

    Check the box, "Always prompt for new location"

    Click button, "Select All" (or if different locations check boxes next to table(s))

    Click OK button

    Now enter your new path, either type it in manually, \\xys\ss\sss, or go through the network neighborhood.

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    Thanks for the advice. It worked!

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    Similar Problem - Linked Access Tables

    I have a similar problem... I have a database table I want linked between 2 tables for an online site that I do not have physical control of the server for (I use a Web Host).

    Is there a way to set a relative path in the database before uploading or a way to Create the Linked table through code (ASP preferrably) so I can accomplish this?

    Please help,

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