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    Unanswered: SQL Loader

    Hi guys,

    Can use the SQL loader to load the data from a file to all the columns of a table

    in the sense , I want to create one control file and use the file repeatedly for many tables by just passing the data file and the parameter

    I dont want to hard code the values of the column names in the table ,

    Can we use some thing like

    load data
    infile 'c:\data\mydata.csv'
    into table emp
    fields terminated by "," optionally enclosed by '"'
    ( *) ---With out the column names


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    AFAIK, the column names are required.
    Keep in mind, that even if you could wildcard the column names, you'd be limited to VARCHAR2 datatypes.
    What is preventing you from declaring the files as external tables?
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    SQL Loader


    Thanks for your repply

    the only thing I am concerned about is , I have to type the column names for all the 100 tables we are planning to load


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    why do you have to type?

    cut and paste
    select column_name from cols where table_name = 'YOUR_TABLE';
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    Amen Duck !!!! Let SQL write the necessary stuff for you ....
    Let SQL write SQL ... One of the greatest things invented since sliced bread...

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