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    Unanswered: for the Wizard updating excel from access

    My actually prob is:
    At every day i import the records of this MDB in the various sheet named with the same name of the table, for example at 8.00 am of morning
    During the same day SOME value of this MDB (in this file the field that they be updating are: NOTE_BOU, SPESE, DATA_ATT, NOTE and NOTA_LIBERA) only this field are uppdated from the external appication in real time.
    The MDB file is on a dir of farm server.
    How I can make to updating the cells of excel at every time that the value in the MDB is changed or updating?
    Note: in the sheet is present a unique-id in column "S" (actually is hide) and the same unique-Id is present in the MDB in the field SERVIZIO

    here is the MDB file
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