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    Question Unanswered: Using variables?!?!

    Can you use a value that is returned from a query, by assigning that value to a variable?

    Thanks in advance

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    explain more please,

    first impression :

    place de sql of query in a sub or function like

    private sub XXXX () as string (or integer or what´s necessary)

    XXXX = sql statement

    end sub

    btw my sql experience is not to talk about :-))), but something like such is possible to my opnion.

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    the simple answer is NO: a query potentially returns thousands of rows, each with potentially many fields - there is no obvious way to stick a generic query-return into "a" variable.

    there are two possibilities that might suit you depending on what you are trying to do.

    domain aggregate functions behave a lot like queries and return (guaranteed) one value so their return sits happily in a variable.
    the domain aggregate equivalent of a SELECT is DLOOKUP() e.g.

    myVar = DLOOKUP("fieldNameInQuotes", "tableNameInQuotes", "criteria")

    criteria is EXACTLY the same as the WHERE clause in normal SQL but without the word "WHERE". criteria examples:
    "myID = 2"
    "myID = " & Forms!ThisForm.IDbox

    check our DCOUNT() DMAX() DMIN() DLOOKUP() etc in Help.

    if you want to play with more than one field and/or more than one record in vars, search this site for "recordset" (it comes up 50 times a month)

    currently using SS 2008R2

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