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    Question Unanswered: New to SQL Server

    Hey everyone, as the title explains I am new to the SQL Server realm. With a little help I have created a DTS package to import proxy logs into SQL. The logs are W3C format and they import fine. My question is, how can I setup the db structure to

    1. reduce redundant data (all fields have duplicate data)?
    2. still be able to import data to the new structure and keep record integrity?

    I could probably do this in Access by separating each field into it's own table and use lookups from a main table, but I don't know how to do it in SQL Server.

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    There aren't significant logical differences between Jet (the database engine behind MS-Access) and SQL Server. There are enormous physical differences, but relatively few logical ones.

    If a given plan of attack will work for Jet, it ought to work for MS-SQL too.


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    Someone told me to create a separate table for each field, each with a surrogate key. Then to create a table with all ID fields. The problem I have here is, how do I import data into this structure and keep each record intact? Thanks for the comment but I need a more "how to" answer.

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