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    Unanswered: default value on nextrecord


    I have a db that has a sub form, the checkboxes on the sub form give values to parent form textboxes, however on next record the checkboxes have the same value as the last record and do not revert to their default values.

    these are compliancescore, qualityscore, HSsoundscore, totalevaluationscore

    here is my db, (its too big to upload)

    Also, how can i bind these textboxes to a table other than the one the form is bound to (i.e the sub forms bound table)

    thank you

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    Ok ive realised it needs to be bound to a field before it will reset to default value,

    however, how can i bind these textboxes to a different table (i.e not the table the form is bound to)


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