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    Unanswered: Rewrite Dlookup into SQL

    I have a continous form with 7 unbound textboxes on each, and with 45 records, this will be 315 textboxes.
    This works greate, except for the speed.
    I have one Dlookup in each of these textboxes, and I have read that this will slow down the form.
    So I want to get som help to make an SQL "lookup" instead.

    The Dlookup sentence looks like this:

    =DLookUp("[ProjectHours]";"tblProjectHours";"(([EventResourceID] = [txtEventResourceID]) and ([ProjectHours_Date] = [txtDateMonday]))")

    Can anybody help?
    PS! I do only want one value to put back to the textbox. (Not a hole recordset)

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    Did you find a solution? I am trying to convert Access queries over to SQL Server 2000.

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    How are all the text boxes related to eachother? I guess the better question is why are you using unbound textboxes? If it's to do some validation etc before applying updates, you could set all the textbox values in the on current event of the form instead of calling a bunch of different domain functions. Then you're really only calling one recordset and pulling text values out of it...

    Could you provide a bit clearer picture of the unbound text box situation?

    Oh, and LStokes... if you're using an adp to hook into sql server, you can still use access' domain functions.
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    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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