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    Question Unanswered: MSDE database instances

    I installed MSDE on a pc with no problems, but now I realise I want to create another instance and set DISABLENETWORKPROTOCOLS=1 so I can use Enterprise Manager over the network from another PC.

    If I create another instance of MSDE on the PC, can I remove / uninstall the first instance?

    Is it any big deal if I leave the first instance?

    and last but not least...

    If I create a new instance will it see the database I created on the first instance?

    told you so...

    Can anyone recomend some good literature to explain about instances please

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    Read the help files before you post!

    Found the answer...

    Control panel>>add/remove programs>>remove any instance you like!

    Difficult, eh?

    Still interested in any advice on instances tho...

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