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    Question Unanswered: Help with .ixf files

    Hello -

    I am new to this forum, so I hope I'm in the right spot, or if someone can point me to the forum I should try - I would greatly appreciate it. (I've also posted this same question in the DB2 forum...)

    I hope someone can help me, as I'm running out of time for this project...
    I am being supplied a .ixf file from an agency, and I need to bring this file into a format that can be imported into an Oracle 9i database. It can be converted to a .csv file, or other format that Oracle can import. Has anyone come across any method that has been done to do this??

    Thanks much in advance

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    What is an '.ixf' file? Where does it come from? What application creates it?
    If you can convert it to a '.csv' file then you can load it into an oracle table using the SQL*Loader utility.
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    I apologize... I first posted the question in the db2 area, so I wasn't thinking to elaborate on what a .ixf file is...

    a .ixf file is a file that is exported from a db2 database. Unfortunately, the only thing I know is that it is a pc version of db2 - I'm assuming the latest. The file comes from another agency and unfortunately, they are not able to update their process at this time.. and, unfortunately, this is the problem I'm having... converting it to a .csv file or any that Oracle can read.

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    Provided Answers: 1
    1) Install DB2
    2) Import the *ixf file into DB2
    3) Write a small PERL program to read the DB table(s) & insert into Oracle.
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