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    Unanswered: migrating sybase 5.5 to oracle

    Hi everyone,

    What is the best option for migrating application data only (will not be migrating the application and thus don't need the procedures, triggers, etc) into Oracle 9i? We're on Sybase SQL Anywhere 5.5 with read-only privileges so neither the Conversion Toolkit or the Migration Workbench will not work for us.
    Thanks in advance.

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    I did a migration from sybase 11 to oracle 8i.

    The principle should work for your environment as well. There is lot of scripting but the procedure is as follows.

    1. Create the tables in oracle.
    2. bcp out the data from sybase with a special delimiter (can be any character not used in data).
    3. load the data into oracle using sqlldr (sql loader).

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