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    Unanswered: sp_addsynctriggers error SQL 7.0

    Hello, I get the following error < Line 81: Incorrect syntax near '@c1' > when trying to start a publication.

    when SP is running :

    {call sp_addsynctriggers (N'CstAdr', N'null', N'SRV-ERP',
    N'OlympicProd', N'transwu1', N'sp_MSsync_ins_CstAdr_31',
    N'sp_MSsync_upd_CstAdr_31', N'sp_MSsync_del_CstAdr_31',
    N'dbo', N'null', N'ReplicRowVersion', N'null', 0x010000)}

    Any help appreciate


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    Can you post your errors? It's not easy to troubleshoot a replications, it makes even harder when no error is reported.
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    Yes Sure, Using de wizard :

    Please find attached the error I get from the wizard. I received 2 errors. The first one is my Incorrect syntax near @c1 parameter (in the sp_addsynctriggers). The second one is... i guess, a collateral damage,

    My subscription (TRANSWU1) is an updating subscriber for only one table. the sp_addsynctriggers his trying to create 3 triggers (Insert, Update and Delete) for my table (cstadr). My 3 others replications (TRANS1, TRANS2 et TRANS3) are working perfectly.

    It use to work fine last week. Last weekend I changed my replicated server for a new machine (using the old server name). From that moment, I'm getting the TRANSWU1 subscribtion error. Any ideas ?

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