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    Unanswered: Sending message in Unix

    Hi Frinz,
    I want to send some message to some of my friends who have logged in at that time.I am using <B>"write"</B> command to do this in my script but what happening is some of the id which I am sending message has been logged in at more than one places because of this the command next to this command is not executing.

    Below are the command I am using:

    Notification_List="id1 id2 id3"

    for write_List in $Notification_List
    write $write_List << Message
    Just for test
    Good Morning
    echo "Message has been sent"

    when executing this command it is saying

    id2 is logged on more than one place.
    You are connected to "pts/2".
    Other locations are:

    and waiting there without terminating after execution.

    Can any one tell the reasion for this and any way to solve this.

    It will be great if any one help me in this regards.

    - kmrs

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    Well, the message about id2 on more than one terminal is expected behaviour. Now, for the hanging, it looks as if the loop is not handling well the "here" document. That would explain it, because write reads standard input. Try again and when it stops, press "Ctrl-D". If it returns you to the prompt, then the "here" document is your problem.

    Could you double check the closing of your here document? It has to be exactly the same as the opening, and you cannot use any spaces to indent it.

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