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    Question Unanswered: sp_addarticle and @ins_cmd, @del_cmd, @upd_cmd

    I had been asked to add a new article to an established transactional replication. I modify and ran the sample provided from microsoft.

    EXEC sp_addarticle
    @publication = N'ACTION',
    @article = N'ACTION',
    @source_owner = N'dbo',
    @source_object = N'ACTION',
    @destination_table = N'ACTION',
    @type = N'logbased',
    @creation_script = null,
    @description = null,
    @pre_creation_cmd = N'drop',
    @schema_option = 0x00000000000000F3,
    @status = 16,
    @vertical_partition = N'false',
    @ins_cmd = N'CALL sp_MSins_ACTION',
    @del_cmd = N'CALL sp_MSdel_ACTION',
    @upd_cmd = N'MCALL sp_MSupd_ACTION',
    @filter = null,
    @sync_object = null,
    @auto_identity_range = N'false'

    I was under the impression that once I ran the script, the insert, update and delete command will be generated by SQL Server for me. However, that's not the case. Am I missing anything? How do I add the new article so that the insert, update and delete stored procedure will be autogenerated?

    Any help will be appreicated.

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    Are you getting any errors? What are they?
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    The command itself ran just fine, but when I try to replicate data, I would get a sp_MSupd_ACTION not found error from replication monitor.

    I know these stored procedure will be generated by SQL Server if I create another transactional replicated publication and let it generate schema to subscriber, but I would like to know how I can have SQL Server generate these stored procedure when I simply want to add a new article to the existing publication.

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