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    Unanswered: copy oracle to mdb

    Is it possible to grab a copy of a oracle db and save it as a mdb? something even similar to a mysqldump. if so, what is the best way to do this, without stopping and re-starting oracle?

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    I doubt if you can get the whole db, what would be done with the triggers/stored procs etc which aren't supported?

    You can import individual tables though. Set up an ODBC DSN to your Oracle DB, Open MS Access and use File->Get External Data. On the file open dialog, choose "Files of Type ... ODBC Datasources" and follow the prompts.

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    On the surface your question is somewhat nonsensical.
    Oracle supports many more object types & constructs than MYSQL.
    What do you propose be done with these objects which may be vital to an application continuing to function?

    For real simle data transfer write a small PERL program to read Oracle tables & write into MYSQL.
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