Hi, i am using vb6 to read text from a document(microsoft word) i am now facing a problem in getting know the type of the listformat.listString. Eg:

in my xxx.doc i have:

1. This is my document A
a. This is a paragraph
i. something under a
ii. Another under a
b. This is another paragraph

in my program, i would like to know the type of the listString 1, a, and i, ii, ..
From my research i found that numberStyle return something like wdListNumberStyleLowercaseRoman ... but i dont know if this is correct and also not really clear with the usage of this function. I want to know for each paragraph if the numberstyle is i, ii, then i do something, else if it is style a, b, c, ... i do some other thing... can anyone help me? really need your help, thanks