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    Cool Unanswered: SERVER 2000 AND BUILTIN\Administation

    Hello Y'all,
    I have just installed Server 2000 on Windows 3003 with the latest service pack and had no problems. All the other DBAs have admin password to the server. How can I improve the security that no one would be able to see the tables ?
    HELP !!!!!!!!

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    Which authentication mode are you using ?
    If you want to improve a SQL account, you have to swith to mixt mode (must restart service after changing mode).

    If you don't want system or domain Administrators to access your db, remove BUILTIN\Admin.

    But be sure of what you do ! You do it at your own risk ! You'll be prevented !

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    Builtin\Administrators is added automatically once you have completed installation. However, you may not want every person who is local Admin on OS level to be System Admin on SQL Server. In order to avoid that. Have atleast one NT Account added as login to SQL and make it an SA on SQL and then remove Built-in Adimns.

    remember that if your SQl Services are running under Local system account, removing Builtin \ Administrators will prevent SQL Server from Starting.

    Better way to do this is to run SQL Server under a Domain user account if possible or a local user account (with rights to Logon as a Service, doesn't have to be administrator on OS level)
    Add another Nt account (local admin) and make him an SA (that would be for your use) and ten remove Builtin\Admin safely .

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