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    Unanswered: Input Mask to Count Days???

    I have two date boxes that contain Now(). These fields have the potential difference of a few hours to a few days. Now what I am needing is an input mask for a third field that would show me the difference in time (eg. [Time Closed] - [Time Pulled]). Unfortunately, I do not have an input mask to show a number of days (eg. 2Days 21:42 ) or even a larger hours (eg. 86:33 ).
    Please Help.
    Thanks in advance

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    Question might not be of any use

    Sorry but this may not be any help as this is an off the top of my head suggestions without checking against Access...

    Not sure if you would do this in an input mask or an afterupdate on box2

    Private Sub Box2_AfterUpdate()

    Me.Box3.Value = Me.Box1.Value - Me.Box2.Value

    End Sub

    Just a quick suggestion. Sorry if its no help

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    Create a calculated field with:

    =DateDiff("d",[Time Closed], [Time Pulled])

    This is the DateDiff function, this particular statement will show you the number days between the two dates. You can show weeks, hours, or seconds by changing the "d" to other things like "ww" for week. You can look in the help for other constants.

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