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    Unhappy Help a newbee please

    Hi friends i'm pretty new to the computer game I am trying to insert a tick (correction mark ) into a database using character map the only symbol i can find is the square root sign ,i ahve tried coping & pasting or typing in the numbers but it keeps coming up as a question mark any ideas please

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    The odds are good that there is a translation table somewhere between your screen and the database disk. Not all characters exist in all character sets, which means that there has to be some kind of translation table to deal with characters that don't exist as you switch from one character set to another... Since some sets are quite large (Unicode allows 65536 characters) and others are comparatively small (standard ASCII only allows 96 printable characters), you can't always store every character that your program can display, and the radical sign (your "check mark") might be a character that just gets "lost" in the translation.

    If you can give more details about what you are entering (apparently a cut-and-paste radical sign), into what application (perhaps even a web page), going to which database, then comming out how... Maybe we can find a way for you to get your check mark from the screen to your printer!


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