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    Unanswered: Tablespace online.. very very urgent

    Hi all

    Problem is that i don't know how one datafile got created in one tablespace
    and was deleted from that location and kept offline for some time.

    and when that datafile was made offline drop it did not go,
    so i made that total tablespace offline ( that created a problem),
    the tablespace when making it online was asking for that perticular which got deleted,

    can any one please tell me,
    how to put a tablespace online from which one of its datafile is lost(deleted).

    or can i access the data from that perticular tablespace which contain only one table.

    this is very very very urgent...


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    for the future, you can't drop an individual datafile for a tablespace. It will NOT work. You have to export the tablespace, drop the tablespace, rebuild the tablespace without the datafile that you didn't want, reimport into the tablespace. An alter database ... offline drop only takes the datafile offline, it will still need to be recovered before you can use it.

    A tablespace will NOT be useable with a missing datafile.

    As for recovery, If you are running in archive mode and you have a backup copy of the datafile that you can restore, then you can recover.If you have ALL the archive logs, you can create a new empty datafile and recover it. If you have no archive logs or backups, then you are out of luck. However oracle consulting has tools that can go into the raw datafiles and pull out data. This is a last ditch effort and it is NOT free.
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