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    Cool Unanswered: Questions about migration to SQL Server

    Im consulting a financial company on their Access database. It has a back-end with about 100 tables (some close to 100,00 records) and a front-end with all the Forms, Queries, Modules, and Reports. The last few weeks they have had to compact and repair the front end twice a week where before it was a bi-weekly thing.

    Im trying to sell them the service of moving everything I can to SQL Server and link it back to the front-end Access GUI, but Im not sure of everything that goes into this process and how long it will take - of course my client needs the process on paper with an estimate timeline/cost.

    My questions are:
    1) What does Compact and Repair actually do?
    2) Can Access Queries be moved to SQL Server Views and be linked?
    3) What can I do about Access Modules and Macros? Can they be moved to SQL Server somehow easily?
    4) What other concerns should I have?

    Also if any of you fine people have done this sort of thing in the past please share your stories

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    ignore question one

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